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Today’s topic is a critical one for our industry, and it’s time we had an honest discussion. The new blog post, “How Banned Therapeutic Practices Are Killing Horse Racing,” is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our sport.

🐴 Cheaters Be Warned: There’s zero tolerance for cheaters. They should face the “death penalty” for exploiting the system. No exceptions.

🔍 Failed Self-Regulation: Our inability to regulate ourselves led to HISA stepping in. While we may not be in control anymore, our voice still matters.

💊 The Missing Piece—Therapeutic Practices: Regulations have become a double-edged sword. Sure, they keep cheaters at bay, but they also ban therapies that are crucial for equine well-being that actually help to prevent injury or breakdown.

🛠️ The Quick-Fix Mentality: The higher-ups with zero to limited horsemanship skills are focused on quick fixes that treat symptoms, not root causes. Sound familiar?

📰 Media and Greed—The Silent Saboteurs: Media hyperbole and industry greed are muddying the waters. But let’s not let them steer the conversation.

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Therapeutic practices must be managed, not eradicated. While strict oversight is essential, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these therapies can make a positive difference.

Grab your go-to beverage and give this read your full attention. Our sport and the magnificent animals at its heart deserve no less.

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P.S. Your voice counts. Don’t hold back—hit reply. All perspectives are needed to tackle these complex issues.

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